Can I Rub CBD Oil on My Skin?

The answer is a confident YES! There is a common question that persists in the minds of beginners. As to what are the benefits of CBD balms? CBD oils and topicals have multiple benefits when applied on the skin ranging from treating acne to pain relief. CBD is generally taken internally, but it can also work wonders when used on the skin. CBD has multiple beneficial properties like accelerated healing, anti-inflammatory, pain relief etc. which makes it the best natural ingredient for skin products. This article will tell you about all the advantages of using CBD oils and balms on the skin.

Help in dry skin:

Applying CBD oil leave the skin hydrated and moisturized. Hemp seeds are known to have a perfect balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 that can help nourish and moisturize any skin type naturally. Further balms and oils have added ingredients like coconut oils to further aid in the process.

Treats Acne:

CBD has various effects on the skin, two of which are controlling the production of sebum and easing inflammation. Sebum is the prime cause of acne as it blocks pores and causes acne. CBD also helps ease down skin irritation caused by acne, and this makes it easier for the skin to fight acne. 


CBD also helps in skin conditions like eczema due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps in soothing other symptoms like pain and itching. 

Help in Anti-aging:

The signs like wrinkles are related to premature ageing, and these can be caused due to dry skin. CBD oils are excellent moisturizers and help lift up the skin, making you look younger. 

Rich in Antioxidants:

CBD oil is a rich source of antioxidants. This, when applied on the skin, can help reduce healing time, mitigating effects of allergens on the skin and are excellent in restoring the vitality of skin. 

Excellent in Pain Relief:

CBD is known for having extreme pain-relieving properties. These oils are all-natural, which makes them a better substitute than pain medications. When applied to the affected area, CBD binds with the skin receptors and starts performing. Although it will be beneficial in localized areas and does not provide full-body pain relief.  

Muscle Recovery:

CBD oils and balms can also help in muscle recovery due to its anti-inflammatory properties. So whether you are an athlete or just having muscle soreness, CBD will help you. Only apply the product on affected areas, and CBD will slowly start its magic. 

Calm down Seborrheic Dermatitis:

It is a somewhat common skin disease that exists on the scalp, behind the ears, hairline and in folds of the skin. Due to access production of sebum, the skin turns red, and chronic-inflammation is seen. CBD slows down sebum production and thus has been effective in calming down the symptoms. 

Rashes and Burns:

In several studies, CBD has shown results such as accelerated healing. This makes it suitable to be applied on burns. It also treats rashes which basically are inflamed skin patches. 

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