How Much CBD Dosage I Can Use

Is there a tried and tested method for CBD dosing?

The short answer to this is NO. The outcome depends upon several factors like CBD tolerance, body type, the quantum of discomfort or pain and also upon the types and concentration of CBD product. In this short guide, I have tried to include all the points, the user should keep in mind for achieving optimal results. 

Note – Beginners should first consult a physician before using any product with CBD.

What all you should take note of while arriving at the right dosage?  

Several factors determine the optimum CBD dosage. This is why it differs from person to person. Some factors are:

  • Body Weight – The results of CBD differ in people with different body weights. Heavier the person is, higher will be the dose of CBD to experience effects. The quantity of dose is directly related to the weight of the person.
  • Concentration – The in-total amount of CBD present in a product is what its concentrate ion is. This is measured in milligrams (mg). People often confuse between concentration and dosage. Concentration is the amount of CBD in one serving.
  • Tolerance – Consumers, after continuous usage, may develop CBD tolerance which might reduce the effects and an increased dosage will be required. 
  • Requirements – Consumers who use CBD for pain may require higher doses for a higher degree of pain while it will be opposite for consumers with milder symptoms.

What are the broad steps involved in calculating the optimum dosage?

There are three essential tips to arrive at the optimum CBD dosage for an individual:

  1. Estimate based on Bodyweight – As explained above, weight can be an essential factor while determining an optimum CBD dosage. With that being said, the general rule followed is using 1-6mg of CBD for every 5Kg of body weight based on the degree of pain and symptoms.  For, e.g., a 70Kg man can use 14 – 18 mg in case of mild symptoms and can go higher with the degree of pain. 
  2. Increase gradually – The user should initially try a lower dose of CBD. Everyone has different chemistry and metabolisms differ. This effects how the body reacts to CBD. RR Noall from says that “what works for your friend, might not work for you.” This is why it is important to start low and increase gradually after adequately analyzing the effects.
  3. Physician – When a doubt still exists, one can always consult a physician, especially when the user has any pre-existing medical conditions. 

Will the dosage differ with different CBD products?

CBD exists in the form of several types of products, depending on how it is taken. There are different doses for different products as multiple things like absorption rate differs.  Dosages for different CBD products:

Tinctures and Oils:

These forms of CBD are generally concentrated and are consumed in multiple ways like applying sublingually (beneath the tongue), on the skin or taken with food. They usually come in 15-30ml packings. The first point is serving size that is typically 1ml. Then comes a range of concentrations. CBD oils are available in a wide range of concentrations from 100-5000mg. A 5000mg strength in a 30 ml packing would mean approximately 167mg per 1ml serving and a 100mg concentration in the same packing would mean 3.3mg per serving. These both concentrations will yield different results. 

Tincture and oils take more time than other products, to show effects, but these effects can then last for 3-4hrs. Consumers should initially start with a lower concentration of oils, keeping the serving size to 1ml and then gradually increase it. 


CBD can also be consumed in the form of edibles. Edibles come in several forms including capsules, gummy bears, chewing gums etc. Calculating the doses in cases of edibles is pretty straightforward as 1 unit of edible represents one serving size. Although the concentration differs with a range of 5mg to 100mg. The users who require a mild dose can also break the edible into pieces and then consume.

Similar to oils, edibles also take time to show results, but these results will last much more with at least 4-5 hrs of duration. This also depends on the strength. 

Vape Oil:

Vape oil consists of CBD oil with added cutting agents like propylene glycol. This is used with the help of a vape pen. Vape oils are similar to CBD tinctures when it comes to packing. The availability is in 30ml packing with a concentration level ranging from 200mg to 1500 mg. Cartridges with an average volume of 1.5ml are present on vape pens. This means the concentration of one serving can vary from 6.6mg to 50mg. 

Vape oil has almost instantaneous effects which last for nearly an hour. This will depend on how the user inhales and holds the vapour. Several users have suggested that inhaling for 2-3 seconds and holding for another 4-5 seconds will give out optimum results.


CBD topicals include balms, lotions and other products that are applied straight on the skin. The results of topicals are different since they are not introduced inside the body but applied on the skin. This results in light soothing sensations on the area where the product was applied. Calculating the doses in these products can be tricky as servings will depend on the area of skin to be covered and how much is used. The concentration in these products generally ranges from 250mg to 1500mg. 

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