How To Find A Good Source For CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are one of the many ways in which people enjoy the health benefits of Cannabidiol, and you may have seen them for sale at certain places. As far as we can see, the vast majority of these products are soft gel-type capsules that are filled with CBD oil. This is a nice and easy way to get your daily dose without worrying about measurement or variation, but one problem remains: Finding a reputable supplier.

Hunt For Reviews


When you are considering a particular CBD supplier, the first thing you should do is look for as many reviews and testimonials as you can. You want to get all kinds of opinions from many sources. Any one opinion, whether good or bad, shouldn’t mean a whole lot. Instead, you are looking to find patterns. Individuals often lie or get things wrong, but patterns are somewhat more reliable. 

It is important to seek out both good and bad reviews, as both will be revealing. Avoid those that come directly from the company, as you already know that they will be 100% positive. There’s no way for you to even verify that those were real reviews, anyway. The negative reviews are important because that is where you will see any real problems reflected. For instance, if you see three or four reviews that say the product was inconsistent, then the problem is probably real. 

Research the Company’s History

Company's History

There are a lot of disreputable companies out there, and some of them are jumping on the CBD bandwagon. As such, you need to be on the lookout for scam artists. Scam artists don’t have a tendency to stay in business very long, as they don’t want to be held accountable for their actions. Thus, they will usually scrap their “company” and create a new one. 

In some cases, you will find websites for companies that don’t even exist. They are actually just one or a few people selling low-quality products at top-of-the-line prices. To avoid this kind of thing, you need to know who runs the company, where they are located, how you can get ahold of them, and how long they have been in business. Scam artists don’t like to provide these details because it makes their fraud easier to uncover, so insist on dealing with a company that is transparent and honest. 

To that end, you might also do some research on the person who owns the company. If that same person is found to have run a bunch of other CBD companies in the past before allowing them to go under…well, obviously that is a big red flag that says “don’t do business with this person.” 

Insist On An Ingredient List

The CBD oil that is contained in most CBD capsules is not 100% pure. In fact, there is no way to obtain a 100% pure extract (although isolates can get pretty close). As such, you need to know everything that is in that product. If someone tells you it’s 100% pure CBD, they are not being honest with you…or, perhaps, they are too ignorant to understand what you are asking. Insist on doing business with a company that is honest and straightforward about its manufacturing process and any additives that might be used. 

Make Sure The Dosage Is Consistent

When buying CBD capsules, there is a way that you can test the exactitude of the company’s manufacturing. If they are pumping out perfectly identical capsules, that speaks well for their professionalism. Inconsistent capsules are one of the main markers of an amateur CBD dealer, and you don’t want to deal with one of those. So, what you can do is measure a few capsules and see if they are all the same. 

You will need a digital scale of some sort, as you will measure the capsules by weight. The outer gel caps will presumably be of uniform weight, so there is no need to drain the oil from them. Just weigh 5-10 capsules and make sure that their weight is consistent. If there is more than 0.01g variation in the weight, it does not speak well for the manufacturer. 


Because the CBD industry is not regulated by the FDA, there is a very real risk of buying defective products. However, it is always possible to judge a thing by its results. If your CBD products are not giving the expected results, or if they seem to be making you ill in some way, you should immediately find a new supplier. It also wouldn’t hurt to let other people know what happened so that they can stay away. That being said, there are all kinds of great and professional CBD suppliers out there, so your chances are not that bad.

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