5 Best CBD Infused Honey and Amazing Ways To Consume CBD Honey 

Similar to cannabis, honey too has many health benefits and has been used for thousands of years for its nutritional value. Do you know what happens when these both highly nutritious items combine? The sweet blessing has the benefits of both cannabis and honey. Let us introduce you to the term CBD Honey. 

The Best Brands that sell CBD Infused Honey 

CBD HoneyOrganic CBD
  • Certified organic farm

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The American Shaman CBD HoneyAmerican Shaman
  • 120mg CBD Per Bottle

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  • Contains 450mg of CBD in a 12oz

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Just CBD
  • Contains 10 mg of CBD each.

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Diamond CBD
  • Contains 250mg of CBD in a pot.

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1. Organic CBD-Infused Honey

CBD Honey

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This is considered to be the best source of CBD Infused Honey. Before they got into cannabis, they used organic wildflower honey produced on their farm. Now, they have evolved into a CBD company too and sell CBD Infused Honey.

2. The American Shaman CBD Honey

The American Shaman CBD Honey

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They specialize in making CBD products. The honey is a perfect way to add wellness to your favorite drinks and snacks with various health benefits. The other flavors are also available.

3. Zatural Infused Honey

Zatural infused Honey

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They sell a jar full of hemp ( a variety of CBD) infused with their organic wildflower honey to promote healthy living.

4. Just CBD

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5. Diamond CBD

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What is CBD Honey? 

CBD Honey

CBD Honey is honey-infused with CBD. It is a perfect way to add wellness to your lifestyle. CBD Honey or cannabinoid honey that the world has gone crazy for serves as a natural source of Vitamin A, B, and E, protein, B Complex Vitamins, terpenes, flavonoids, magnesium, essential fatty acids, without any additives or preservatives. It is a natural sweetener infused with one of the varieties of cannabis called hemp extract. The CBD hemp oil is directly extracted from the hemp plant then, it gets infused into the honey. Mostly, people want to ingest this CBD Honey through food items instead of using an oil tincture or any water-soluble product, edible items are a tastier and better way of consuming CBD Honey. 

4 Benefits of CBD Infused Honey

Can you imagine how beneficial it would be when both very nutritious items combine? CBD and Honey have many health benefits that help in leading our lifestyle better. Let’s discuss some of the areas where CBD Honey is beneficial. 

1. Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety

These days, the most common mental health that has lasting effects on a person’s life and health is Depression and Anxiety. It can affect a person’s social life, overall well-being, and ability to work at the same time. CBD Honey has shown promising results in treating the patients who are going through this mental sickness. 

CBD helps in dealing with other mental problems such as anxiety or panic disorders. These disorders are also associated with sickness. 

2. Skin conditions

Skin conditions

There are various skin problems faced by people these days including acne, open-pored, extra oily skin, and whatnot. CBD Honey lessens the creation of unreasonable extra oil from the skin. It can also help in safeguarding the skin from harmful bacterias, unblocking the pores, scrub out the pollution, and prevent skin inflammation or any other questionable skin problems. 

3. Chronic Pain and Inflammation

Chronic Pain and Inflammation

One of the ways our body’s immune response communicates is Inflammation. It can be short or long-term. Long-term inflammation has been linked to many serious disease issues. It can impact asthma, allergies, heart diseases, and many more. 

Honey rich in CBD affects a class of molecules that is important to the Inflammation process known as cytokines. CBD helps in reducing the cytokines, thus, reducing inflammation. 

4. Seizures


There are many cures available that can help in reducing the seizures but they also come with additional undesirable side-effects. The CBD based honey is the natural alternative to comfort people from seizure attacks with any unwanted side effects. 

5 Sweeter ways to consume CBD Honey 

1. Sweet smoothies

Sweet smoothies

smoothies are the tastier way we can allow very essential nutrients to enter inside our body to keep us healthy and safe from harmful diseases. But let’s make it sweeter and better by adding a touch of honey infused with CBD. Cannabinoid honey is packed with extra wellness benefits to keep yourself healthy and feel alive. 

2. Sweetener for tea

Sweetener for tea

People love drinking tea with honey. In place of only honey, you can add CBD Infused Honey for extra health benefits and get a supercharged sweetener. Use CBD Honey as an alternative to just regular honey and your body will start staying healthy all the time. 

3. Hangover Remedy

Hangover Remedy

If you have a habit of over drinking but don’t like the head-splitting hangover of the next morning then always have CBD Infused Honey with you. This type of honey can help in relieving the problems your hangover can lead you to. 

4. Natural facial

Natural facial

CBD Infused Honey has some health benefits in the promotion of healthy skin. It is also beneficial for acne-prone skin that helps in reducing the pimples by removing excess fluid that causes various skin problems. 

5. For cuts, Mild Burns and Scrapes

CBD supports the healthiness of the skin. Honey infused with CBD can act as a natural medicine and help in healing any type of body cut, scrape, or mild burn. 

What are the strengths in which it is available and ideal intake strength?

The normal strengths of CBD infused Honey comes in with a total of 250mg of CBD infused in fresh honey. The bottle of CBD infused honey is available at 500mg-1000mg too with a full spectrum of CBD Honey. 

At 850% of 40% CBD the jars contain 1% of pure CBD, which is considered to be a medicinal dose. It is recommended to take between two to two and a half teaspoons per day. It should be consumed ideally in the evening hour or before bedtime. 

FAQ’s Associated with CBD Infused Honey 

Is this item real? Does cannabis honey get you high?
Even though this honey is made from cannabis pollen, it isn’t likely to carry a lot of cannabis effects. So, there are not any chances of getting high. 
Where to buy Cannabinoid Honey?
You can get this very beneficial item from anywhere that sells cannabis edibles. We have mentioned a few brands above to make it easy for you. 
Ways to use cannabis honey?
The main idea is to ingest the cannabis honey into the body to relieve stress, prevent inflammation, and various other problems. You can consume them by using it as a sweetener for various food items or smoothies.  You can also apply cannabis honey on the skin or cut marks to heal from skin problems. 
Some other benefits of CBD infused Honey?
The CBD infused Honey helps in reducing problems such as Fatigue, Insomnia, acid reflux, sinus problems, dandruff, cuts and burns, memory issues, coughing, hangovers, acne. It also helps in improving the mood, boosting of appetite, reducing nausea and vomiting, muscle relaxation, etc. 

These were some of the ideas related to CBD Infused Honey that one should know about before consuming them. There are various health benefits and there are very less chances of any side-effect. Try this very beneficial item and feel the healthy changes in your lifestyle. 

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