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About Cbd Living

The ‘CBD Living’ multinational CBD Corporation was created in 2013 and has taken academics, business-minded people, and world-class cannabis to bring their goods to life. They use both the procedure of CO2 extraction and the emulsifying method of nanotechnology to guarantee one of the most efficient and high – quality oils on the industry.

Bill De Segna founded CBD Living in 2013 and has its operations in Corona, California. It is a massive company with a worldwide reach; the fact is attested to by its 53,000 Instagram followers. Hemp is locally sourced in Colorado, and nanotechnology is used in its materials.

This practise, as we explained above, includes reducing cannabidiol to nano-sized particles to guarantee that the body consumes the bulk of the CBD you eat. The bioavailability of its items is 90 percent, according to the group. Many of the items are full-spectrum, which ensures that even other cannabinoids are used. Crucially, none of the items from CBD Living also have trac.

CBD Living shares the findings of third-party lab reports on the website in an attempt to improve its credibility. To discover the amounts of CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG, and other cannabinoids, you can click on the substance needed.

Best Selling Products of Cbd Living

Cbd Living Tinctures
  • CBD concentrations available – up to 10,000 mg.
Cbd Living Chocolates
  • 200 mg of broad-spectrum Nano CBD
Cbd Living Water
  • 10 mg of nano-CBD

You can see the wide variety of items from CBD Living on the official website. I have not contacted customer care, but hundreds of people have and are delighted with the quality of assistance. Every item was well-packaged, which is a pleasant touch and contributes to the professional air of the store. CBD Living is a business with a goal to thrive, and their wide variety of products is indicative of their ability to appeal to all tastes. A short review of some of their goods is given here:

1. Cbd Living Tinctures

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To improve bioavailability, the tincture is filled with MCT oil. You can put a few drops under the tongue and hold it for up to 60 seconds; common procedure when dosed orally swallowing CBD. Cannabidiol can reach the bloodstream almost instantly, according to CBD Living.

The tincture had a pleasant herbal flavour of grass and started to take impact in about 45 minutes or so.

2. Cbd Living Chocolates

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There are choices for milk and dark chocolate. Every bar contains 120 mg of Nano-CBD full-spectrum, and per $28 bar there are eight squares. It’s better if you eat just one square of CBD a day for 15 mg.

You would be frustrated if you are looking for a delicious chocolate experience. Living chocolate from CBD tastes such as hemp and even provides an aftertaste of hemp-seed.

There are only 120 calories in the complete bar, but it has a sweet taste. About 20 minutes after eating a square, I felt a little more comfortable, and observed a slight adrenaline rush as well. It might not taste like chocolate, but it’s much healthier!

3. Cbd Living Water

Get 20% off on sitewide products at Cbd Living as a cbdwellness blog reader. Use this code at checkout: cbdliving

It is with its CBD-infused water that this business has made a name for itself. It is processed using nanotechnology with 100 percent organic and natural hemp CBD extracts to ensure you get the most out of 5 mg of CBD per 500 ml container. It costs $5.99 for a standard bottle of water or you could pick a case of 24 bottles for $119.99.

There are also Coenzyme 10, D-Ribose, Methyl B12 and some other treats in the water. To be frank, it would be difficult for you to differentiate it in a taste test from ‘natural’ mineral water. This is a positive thing, but it could lead you to ask why you paid $6 for a water bottle, on the other hand!

Why You Should Buy From Cbd Living?

  • Newsletter: The newsletter is a perfect way to bring the business up to date, plus you can save some cash in the process.
  • Worldwide shipping: Since we operate in a global marketplace, CBD can be difficult to manage because of the various laws of different countries. We love that CBD Living ships will still have exposure to their goods in many countries on the other side of the planet, worldwide.
  • 0 percent THC: goods from CBD Living Water produce 0 percent THC, which means they are entirely non-psychoactive. For those who are concerned about some improvement in their emotional state, this is perfect.
  • Wide selection of products: On the corporate website, there are so many products to pick from that you can actually customise a product directly to what you want to handle as a consumer. Any really nice things, such as CBD chocolate and bath bombs, you can even get your hands on.
  • Sold in-store: In retail stores, you can still purchase their products, which is nice if you can’t buy goods online or want to visit the physical range. In North America and England, several of these stores are based.
  • Ethical goods: All the goods of CBD Living are good exchange; they believe in supplying all those who function in the process with quality jobs. Plus, none of the items was animal checked.
  • Affordable pricing: CBD Living feels that the potential of medicine is cannabidiol and that everybody should be able to afford it. This is why CBD Living strives to market its merchandise at rates that individuals can easily afford. So that, without thinking about the financial implications, you will do what is best about their welfare.
  • Open Lab Outcomes: Consistency is highly critical at CBD Living and this is why all goods are checked in third-party laboratories. On their website, the findings of these tests are available, enabling you to shop with confidence.
  • Innovative Products: The product line of CBD Living has been developed with a great deal of thinking and imagination. They ensure that everybody has a solution. With goods like tea and soap, the business has pushed the limits of both edibles and topicals.

More Products From Cbd Living

CBD Instant Coffee

CBD Gel Capsules

CBD Immune Boost

Payment And Delivery

CBD Living ships all orders anywhere in the United States, through UPS and USPS. Due to receiver location, delivery times can vary after processing, but typically range from two to five working days. Shipping timelines are forecasts that do not allow for holidays, adverse weather, back orders, or efficiency difficulties with the general postal service. After orders are filled, billing, acceptance, and monitoring information is given by email.

We are happy to deliver a premium range of items at CBD Living at a price anyone can afford. We assume, above all, that consumer loyalty is of paramount importance. Please review your order closely for any damage during delivery that could have occurred. Within 15 calendar days of receiving your shipment via email, you can send claims for broken CBD living things to the details mentioned below. Please provide detailed product injury descriptions and images.


There is no doubt in the fact, based on what I thought after using their products, that CBD Living’s items are the real thing. Typically, to have a measurable impact on me, it takes even more CBD tincture or oil, which is a strong indication that the company’s assumptions about bioavailability are on the level. The readily available reports from third-party labs are only more verification.

Apart from the CBD water that supported tackle it, most of the items from the firm induced dry mouth, at least the ones I tested. This may actually be down to power, which is a positive thing. Chocolate and water are very pricey, but you get value for money in CBD Living’s situation.

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