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About I Love Growing Marijuana

ILoveGrowingMarijuana is among our top seed banks, and for many reasons! ILGM provides outstanding customer support, a large range of seeds to choose from, fantastic sales and discounts and a vast collection of online farming tools for both new and experienced farmers. But, most noticeably, they have top-notch quality seeds. As proven by the glittering ILGM clients, ILoveGrowingMarijuana seeds regularly produce exquisite buds. I Love Growing Marijuana is so optimistic that they even give a fermentation guarantee in the highest level-tier genes of their plants. ILGM’s seed range includes an amazing variety of varieties, and you can explore their site conveniently depending on the type of weed you would like to cultivate. Check ranges include indica, sativa, and medical marijuana, the ultra-high concentration of THC and higher ratios of CBD / low THC. Depending on your can preferences and objectives, such as production, plant size, weather, and if you want to develop indoors or elsewhere, you can buy.

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Best Selling Products of I Love Growing Marijuana

ILGM holds a huge range of feminized hemp plants. Their finest-selling feminized seeds involve Gold Leaf by Bergman, Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies Serious, ILGM’s Gorilla Adhesive and White Widow. If you choose the task of cultivating from normal seeds (where there might be male and female crops) and “sorting out” the male plants yourself, ILGM even carries some normal strains.

Autoflowering seeds are particularly novice-friendly and short-maintenance, as they can develop year-round in just 10 weeks while managing the light cycle. The plants produced from auto-flowering crops seem to be smaller but growing is much simpler. If you’re new to cultivating cannabis, the workers at ILGM are always glad to help you select the right variety for your raising style and abilities. White Widow, Blueberry, Gold Leaf, Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies are the autoflower strains finest-selling to ILGM. ILGM also brings two autoflower mixing sets, so you can check out some strains and discover your ideal new one.

Get 25% off on sitewide products at I Love Growing Marijuana as a cbdwellness blog reader. Use this code at checkout: Marijuana

Get 25% off on sitewide products at I Love Growing Marijuana as a cbdwellness blog reader. Use this code at checkout: Marijuana

Get 25% off on sitewide products at I Love Growing Marijuana as a cbdwellness blog reader. Use this code at checkout: Marijuana

Payment and Delivery Options

All ILGM seeds are delivered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from their main base. Currently, ILoveGrowingMarijuana sends to all 50 American states, Australia, New Zealand and all Central Europe. Shipping by anonymity is always given. This ensures that neither package that comes with your shipment nor your utility bill can show any signs you have purchased from a cannabis biotech company. 

The easiest way of paying for your ILGM seeds is through Bitcoin, and when you do, you’ll have an additional 10 percent off of your entire purchase, including sale rates. The only cryptocurrency actually approved by ILGM is standard Bitcoin (not Bitcoin-cash). ILGM also accepts cash via electronic bank transfer straight from your bank choosing your mail address, “bill pay,” ACH or wire transfer.

ILoveGrowingMarijuana provides an assurance of quality, and you can safely assume to always get exactly whatever you asked for. ILGM can resend your shipment at no extra charge if your crops never reach to you. If your seeds have not reached after 25 working days, all you need to do is call ILGM and let them aware, and regret your request.

However, make sure to address any distribution problems as soon as possible, as ILGM will presume you have received it 90 days after your shipment is delivered if they do not hear anything. Please be aware that if the shipment delay is related to mistyped details on the package, ILGM will not send a new order but they will also toss you a promo code for another time.

A further excellent reason to buy from ILGM is that they give free delivery on any buy that is intended for Europe or anywhere else in the US! Orders in excess of $150 also send to Australia and New Zealand free. If you have to give a smaller purchase to any of these nations the shipping fee is $25.

Why should you buy from this store?

ILoveGrowingMarijuana also holds all of the chemical fertilizer, nutritional supplements and plant enablers you want to maintain your cannabis crop safe and flourishing (these hold bugs, mold and bacteria at bay). You can purchase each of these items individually but they are also available in some of ILGM’s all-in-one rising kits (for a reduced price). ILGM also holds 5 per cent organic CBD oil of its own.

The thing that keeps ILGM so good is that they just don’t provide the seeds to you, they ensure you have accessibility to as much professional information that grows as needed. Every order includes a copy of ILGM’s in-depth developing guide, and far more supplementary details can be easily found on their web site.

To assure that you will always wind up with elevated-quality, accessible cannabis for your dollars, it is suggested that you purchase only from crop banks that assure seed quality. When you purchase from ILGM, you are protected every step along the way with a distribution guarantee and fertilization guarantee.

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