The Body Shop Launches Cbd Collection For Stressed Out Skin

A CBD range for stressed skin has been introduced by THE Body Store, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

The series of three measures has been sourced entirely from hemp plants and contains CBD as a wonder commodity.

Three items are included in the collection, including a mask, oil, and cream.

The Body Store, from £17, CBD Range-order here

The CBD Line looks to soothe stressed skin, derived primarily from hemp seeds, but long before it was hip, the Body Shop championed hemp.

A CBD Calming Oil-Balm Cleaning Mask (£17), CBD Healing Facial Oil (£25) and CBD Replenishing Moisture Cream (£ 20) are included throughout the product selection.

All three of these ingredients are meant to combat the symptoms of stressed skin, classified as dry, dehydrated and dull, with a mystical combination of CBD, hemp seed oil, squalene and patchouli extract.

What’s included in the CBD collection?

1. Cbd Soothing Oil Balm Cleansing Mask 100ml, £17 

For a mask that does everything, press restores, so you can calm your way to skin that looks restored. Endowed with moisturising olive oil, cleansing white clay and a combination of CBD and hemp seed oil, this revolutionary balm-to-oil-to-milk texture helps prepare the skin when avoiding all the dirt and grime.

This vegan formula should work as a normal wash-off injection,

It should be used on dry skin.

2. Cbd Restoring Facial Oil, £25

With this mix of healthy essential oils, blended with the essentials, dial back to the roots with Patchouli powder, hemp seed oils, and CBD. Base this on the routine

To help soothe symptoms of dullness, restore moisture content and improve the quality of other items in the series, delicate, dry facial oil.

Stir a few dips onto the side palm and dab onto the palm in tiny dots.

Cleansed skin until it becomes glossy.

3. Cbd Replenishing Moisture Cream 50 Ml, £20

This rich and velvety vegan product, a friend of all types of skin, but particularly malnourished skin, blends CBD and hemp seed oil with squalane and patchouli extract to help alleviate and relax the signs of dryness.

Heat the solution for a couple of seconds between both the fingers before it becomes clear, and then gently pushes it into the tissue. Use this after the CBD Repairing Facial Oil for extra nourishment while you feel like you need it on the skin. 

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