UK Demand for CBD Products Soars Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

While Covid-19 persists to destroy the world’s economy, the outbreak has formed opportunities instead of issues for some companies. A perfect illustration is the UK’s burgeoning cannabidiol (CBD) products industry, where corporations and small companies have been experiencing increasing demands since the crisis started.

Research released today by, the UK’s biggest platform for approved CBD goods, reveals that even more than 8 million Britons are already purchasing CBD products, with investment during the first four months of 2020 only approaching £ 150 m. That leaves the company on track to produce sales of £450 m for the year as whole and, that would reflect a 50 percent improvement for 2019. CEO Alexej Pikovsky states that, even as Covid-19 crisis started to strike, the industry commissioned analysis after witnessing a sudden increase in market for CBD products in the Country from the starting of March on. He said: “The point here is that individuals feel nervous, have difficulty sleeping, and often feel abandoned by the conventional health care system.

The study carried out by, based on an analysis of 5,000 people, reported that 8.4 million Britons either purchased or expected to purchase CBD items this year. Around 42 percent of buyers focus mainly on pain relief or management, with 21 percent attempting to resolve their insomnia and 19 percent wishing to solve stress. The survey also found that 38 percent of buyers took CBD goods alongside traditional medicines. 

Dr Dani Gordon, a medicinal cannabinoids and CBD consumer expert, said the analysis showed the demand increase is part of a wider phenomenon. “Progressively, people shift to more organic health and wellbeing options in order to connect to their life-care practices,” she said. “Patients seek herbal cures to counteract and alleviate symptoms of prevalent conditions such as depression and other issues. 

One important question is if the rising demand in UK CBD products would continue further than the current situation. Of course, much of the consumer demand is fairly new – research by shows that 53 per cent of consumers made their initial sales over the last 12 months.

Pikovsky assumes that the excess supply will be maintained as Britons become highly educated and experienced about CBD goods. Last year, he introduced to offer customers with a single platform in what is an extremely competitive environment in which customers are not really sure which companies to choose. The industry allows suppliers to supply accredited data regarding their goods. 

Internet sales are a big part of the equation. 38 per cent said they acquired their CBD goods online in the retail market report, opposed to 14 per cent who ordered from medical shops and 13 per cent who considered buying pharmaceutical products. It will anyway take time for further people to get comfortable and intelligent about the retail market, with studies suggesting that elderly people are far more sceptical about the reliability of products.

However, one consequence of the Covid-19 turmoil appears to be an increase in demand on the CBD sector in the United Kingdom, aided by the fact that most people have much more time to study what is affordable. As well, desire for other dietary supplements, namely multivitamins, continues to rise exponentially.

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