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About Kush Queen

For all your medicinal needs Kush Queen is dedicated to the finest and best quality CBD products. From bath bombs to patterns, all the items in their minds are handmade for you, passion and honesty. The products are produced and processed locally, are non-GMO and are checked by a third party for quality and potency. The delivery is efficient and fast for your place. Kush Queen is a woman-owned cannabis company selling a range of high – value cannabis and cosmetics, skincare, and health items enriched with CBD. Their ability to listen to their customers and their consistency in product creativity has certainly taken them to their highest spot in the industry.

The CEO Olivia Alexander created Kush Queen in 2015. The company primarily sells CBD items to registered brick and mortar stores through their online store and CBD / THC ratio choices. They have a chic store in Los Angeles and they’ve won nods in Allure, Elle, The New York Post and more from their ‘luxury approach’ to CBD retail.

What does Luxury Approach mean? Most of the Kush Queen range is CBD skin care product and wellness products that are specially made with a distinctive flair; these are not the lavender and eucalyptus oil CBD run-of-the-mill subjects. The gift choices are also amazing. Unlike other CBD packages we see, they come off as distinct gifts — meaningful, enjoyable, and inexpensive.

Their branding has an organic, unique feel and we admire their creative approach in particular. The use of nanotechnology, the development of a CBD dog bath bomb and the deliberate use of water-soluble CBD in their skin care goods for improved effectiveness prove that they want to explore beyond the box.

Best Selling Products Of Kush Queen

Kush Queen sells lots of makeup and skincare products, and we love the Lit Package and other pack deals that give consumers the chance to sample multiple CBD items at a cheaper cost at once. Another thing to remember is that they do not provide any CBD oil choices, instead and show only concepts.

Spruce CBD OilBath Bombs
  • Dosage available 25mg, 100mg, 200mg
Spruce CBD OilMelt Cbd Lotion
  • Infused with 150mg of nano CBD
CBD OilMelt Cbd Lotion
  • Zero THC Guarantee

1. Bath Bombs

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These goods come in a variety of ways to give different choices. The colours and scents are abundant and as they enter the body and mind, each has unique targets. Infused with CBD to improve your overall wellbeing, they are simple and powerful and help tremendously particularly after a hard day’s work, whether mentally or psychologically.

You’d ask why aromatherapy bath bombs are so important. The skin is the main organ, effective in extracting antioxidants from Kush Queen’s bath bombs. Soaking in the tub enables optimum absorption of both the natural products and CBDs, which then work with the endocannabinoid processes and produce a synergy effect. The poured CBD shower gel works in the same way.

2. Melt Cbd Lotion

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This can be used quietly as the desire to shake off fear arises at any time of day. These goods are formulated from naturally found and organic ingredients and are absolutely healthy on your skin and extra helpful.

3. Cbd Lube

Get 20% off on sitewide products at kushqueen as a cbdwellness blog reader. Use this code at checkout: kushqueen

Kush Queen, the First of his kind, exposes you to a transdermal water-based CBD lubricant. The CBD generated utilizing nanotechnology, is transmitted rapidly and efficiently and reaches the circulation upon touch due to the easy-to-absorb microparticles.

Why You Should Buy From Kush Queen

  1. Kush Queen uses nanotechnology from AmplifiTM in their water-soluble CBD and makes dogs a special CBD bath blast.
  2. Kush Queen is dedicated to offering CBD lifestyle luxury goods through efficiency, knowledge, and creativity.
  3. Kush Queen’s Rescue & Liberation Fund donates a proportion of the proceeds.
  4. Kush Queen is applying its items for third-party laboratory research but this information is not publicly available online. Customers may also email support@kushqueen.shop to order the latest laboratory test results for their extract from CBD oil.
  5. Many of the items from Kush Queen are totally free from THC, while others which use a broad spectrum combination with small amounts of THC. Any way, each formulation contains less than 0.3 percent THC and is named specifically to help you pick the formulations that are better for you.
  6. The broad product range means Kush Queen is selling items that are perfect for any time of day. Most makeup, skin care, and health items of the brand can quickly be inserted into your daily routine, giving a lift to the CBD where you need it most. All this without losing any of the spiritual principles, since most of the items produced by Kush Queen are organic, and the company ever tests their goods on livestock.


More Products From Kush Queen CBD

CBD Shower Gel


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Payment And Delivery 

You will get an e-mail acknowledging delivery of your order when you request an order: this e-mail will merely be an acknowledgement and will not signify approval of your order. We will not enter into a contract with us until we give you the proof via e-mail that the items you ordered have been delivered to you.

Upon acquiring your order, we conduct a regular authorisation search on your payment card to ensure that adequate funds are available to complete the purchase. Your card will be debited upon issuance of an authorisation. The monies earned when your card is debited shall be regarded as a refund against the value of the merchandise which you wish to buy. After the goods have been shipped and a confirmation email has been sent to you, the money charged as a deposit will be used as a criterion for the amount of the products you have bought as stated in the confirmation email.

You’ll be asked to enter your payment information during the checkout process. By following the specifics of your purchase you check that the credit or debit card you are using is yours. Fill in all fields indicated as needed. Please notice that we will collect and analyze your details using a safe encrypted payment system and use your data only in compliance with our privacy policy.


The company manufactures its products in a facility approved by the Cannabis Control Bureau which requires goods to be specifically dosed and free of heavy metals, microbials, mycotoxins, residual solvents and foreign materials. Also, Kush Queen receives third party test reports on every batch of the substance they make. Even Kush Queen presents limited edition items to increase money and support the gay community as a whole during the pride month. In view of its stated mission this project goes way above the industry norm.

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