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About Provacan CBD

Provacan is a UK-based CBD business which specialises in full spectrum oils of excellent quality. All their cannabis is 100 % organic, grown on farms adopting strict EU agricultural standards. They remove their CBD for optimum cannabinoid retention, using low temperatures and low strain. But Provacan CBD was created by CiiTECH, an Israeli biotech organisation.

Provacan, manufacturing a wide collection of CBD oils, balms, gummies, capsules and vapes, is one of the most widely known CBD brands in the UK. In reality, CiiTECH is currently helping finance two large cannabis-based research initiatives, one of which is intended to test the impact of CBD on asthma, and the other to examine and track CBD as a realistic therapeutic choice for weight loss therapy. Conveniently, given that cannabis-based goods are unlawfully sold in Israel, the Provacan label is set up to work outside the UK, and they are actually distributing and delivering to all UK addresses, in reference to some EU and North American addresses.

Best Selling Products of Provacan CBD

  • 600mg of cbd in 10ml of liquid
CBD Topical Creams
  • 10ml of cream has 50mg of CBD
CBD Vape Liquids
  • 600mg of cbd in 10ml of liquid

1. CBD Oil

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One of the continuing goals of CiiTECH’s R&D team is to boost the bioactivity and efficacy of Provacan CBD oils by introducing additional active hemp substances into their tinctures. The theory behind this is characterized by a relatively new research finding dubbed the ‘entourage effect,’ which simply claims that CBD is more effective in treating pain and rehabilitation. As such, Provacan, as well as the non-psychoactive cannabinoids CBG, CBDv, CBC and THCVa, have also added a full terpene profile to their line of CBD oils.

2. CBD Topical Creams

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In either a 30mL natural beeswax balm or 20mL deep tissue oil, Provacan CBD topicals are available.

The enriched beeswax balm comprises 300 mg CBD and is designed for immediate application to sore muscles and joints, particularly those impacted by inflammation caused by arthritis. It is understood that the dermal skin cell layers are partially permeable to the CBD compound, so topical administration is generally used. It is also a perfect choice for the protection and rejuvenation of whole-body skin, as one of CBD’s recognised properties is its function as an antioxidant, ridding the body of potentially harmful free radicals and revitalising cells back to a state of protection and homeostasis.

3. CBD Vape Liquids

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It is extremely difficult to find a safe, high-quality CBD vape oil (especially in the UK), as most items are liquified with harsh thinning agents, known to break down into formaldehyde when heated to intense temperatures. However, CiiTECH luckily noticed these issue years ago, and that’s why they invested a lot of effort and money into launching the first fully compliant / full-spectrum CBD vape oil available in the UK. As for us, there is no other CBD eLiquid out there that even compares with it.

Provacan sells what we assume is easily the best CBD vape oil in the UK, as well as natural terpene products that you can use for an improved synergistic impact to raise the profile of your new CBD vape product. The CBD vapour juice is available in two separate potencies (300 mg and 600 mg), and you can either vaporise it by yourself or add it to your preferred herbal therapy nicotine e-cig juice

Why To Buy From Provacan?

1. Transparent Lab Testing

There are a number of organisations out there who claim to do third party research for cannabinoid profiling and authentication of CBD content, but there are few who actually post the results online. However, Provacan helps you to specifically remind them about every CBD commodity in their online shop for up-to-date review.

2. Herbew University Affiliation

As we stated, the Provacan brand is, in reality, a patented mark owned by esteemed Israeli cannabis research organisation CiiTECH, which is currently helping to finance several science studies from Jerusalem’s Hebrew University. There is no CBD business on the planet with better contacts or a better pedigree than that, to our understanding.

3. Rich Terpene Profile

Provacan is also one of the few CBD oil firms who make it a point to include rich terpene profiles in their full-spectrum products, thus leveraging the “entourage effect” and enhancing the active cannabidiol’s therapeutic effects.

4. Therapeutic Potency

The 1,200mg/12% CBD oil tincture from Provacan, their most potent commodity, has an extremely potent 6 mg of CBD per single drop. Most other leading brands give just about 0.5-1 mg per fall, for example.

More Products From Provacan CBD

CBD Gummies

CBD Lozenges 

CBD capsules

Payments And Delivery

The website solely sells and promotes its products in the UK. They strictly don’t address orders from the outside of the UK. The delivery costs are being displayed under the product mention and the expected date of delivery will be informed during the order process. The company is not responsible for delays that are outside its control. However, due to failure or incapability in arranging a new date for the delivery, the customer may be charged extra costs for the efforts or may even lead to an end of the contract. 


All in all, as we described earlier, it’s possible that Provacan CBD oil is one of the finest CBD manufacturers available in the world today. Let’s put it this way if you have a CBD recipe coming straight from the laboratories of one of the world’s most widely respected cannabis research organisations, you know you’re going to be difficult-pressed somewhere on earth to find a better tincture. 


Who can use provacan’s products?
Handpicked CBD has earned positive reviews from people of all ages who use the Provacan range of CBD goods. We have found that within our consumer base, some of the most common applications for these products are offering medicinal relief for anxiety, arthritis, pain management, fibromyalgia and sleep.
Are provacan’s products suitable for beginners?
Yes. Indeed. Provacan’s CBD oil comes in three different doses, 600 mg is suitable for beginners and CBD newbies, 1.200 mg is good for the middle of road users and 2.400 mg is great for more seasoned customers looking for long-lasting medicinal relief. In other words, this product line really has plenty for everybody.
Do Provacan CBD products have strong bioavailability?
Some CBD products have greater bioavailability values than others, and this basically depends on the product format. In general, CBD oil is known to have higher levels of bioavailability than edibles, pills and drinks; and lower levels of bioavailability than smoking. However, there is little to say that CBD products from Provacan have greater bioavailability than other marketed oils.

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